Helixate FS is no longer being manufactured


However, supply of Helixate FS will continue to be available through early 2019. We recognize that Helixate FS has been an important part of your patients' lives, and hope we can be of assistance as you consider alternatives.

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We’ve created an FAQ document with additional details.

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CSL Behring offers a next-generation treatment option for hemophilia A

As a patient-focused company, CSL Behring strives to create innovative therapies for the hemophilia community. That’s why we’ve developed long-lasting AFSTYLA, a next-generation Factor VIII therapy.

With twice-weekly dosing available,* AFSTYLA is the first and only recombinant Factor VIII that delivers proven, long-lasting bleed protection with a novel single-chain design. AFSTYLA also delivered zero bleeds (median AsBR) in all studied populations regardless of dosing regimen. Take a moment to explore all that AFSTYLA can offer your patients.

*FDA approved for dosing 2x–3x weekly dosing. Annualized spontaneous bleeding rate in clinical trials (IQR=0–2.4 for patients ≥12 years; 0–2.2 for patients <12 years).

Staying with CSL Behring and switching to AFSTYLA is simple for patients

All the support services and the reconstitution system your patients have come to rely on and trust with Helixate FS will remain in place for patients taking AFSTYLA. Services include:

  • My Access®—the co-pay program that provides up to $12,000 of out-of-pocket coverage to covered patients
  • CSL Behring AssuranceSM Program—helps make product available in case of lapse in insurance coverage for patients
  • My SourceSM Care Coordinator—at hand to help patients navigate the insurance process and answer any questions they may have
  • Mix2Vial® transfer and reconstitution system—the same as Helixate FS so their reconstitution routine can remain consistent
Terms and conditions apply.

Changing to AFSTYLA is as easy as 1-2-3

  1. Start patient on AFSTYLA with a free 30-day trial
  2. Fill out an AFSTYLA Patient Referral form to start the trial, enroll your patient in the AFSTYLA Support program, and begin a benefits investigation
  3. Fax the completed form to My Source at 1-844-727-2757


My SourceSM for AFSTYLA

At My Source for AFSTYLA, your patients can get help with financial support and learn more about hemophilia A.

  • Navigate the insurance process
  • Make product available when there is a lapse in insurance coverage with the CSL Behring AssuranceSM Program
  • Access uninsured or underinsured assistance with the Patient Assistance ProgramSM

My Source Care Coordinators are standing by to help.


Monday–Friday, 8 am to 8 pm ET

My Source

Help your patients take advantage of AFSTYLA offers*

AFSTYLA Trial Program

Get your patients a free one-month trial to see if AFSTYLA is right for them. In case of coverage delays, your patients may receive another one-month trial of AFSTYLA. Print and fill out the AFSTYLA Patient Referral Form.

Co-pay savings

Co-pay savings

My Source for AFSTYLA can help your eligible patients get co-pay assistance and financial support. Visit AFSTYLA.com/support for more details.

*Terms and conditions apply.
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