For adult and pediatric patients with hemophilia A

Help Him REACH HIGHER With Long-lasting Protection

AFSTYLA, with twice-weekly dosing available, delivers long-lasting bleed protection using a novel single-chain design

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2 times weekly

Twice-weekly dosing

FDA approved for 2x–3x weekly dosing

steady state data

Zero bleeds (median AsBR*)

ZERO bleeds (median AsBR*)

In all studied populations

Explore AFSTYLA efficacy

*Annualized spontaneous bleeding rate in clinical trials
(IQR=0–2.4 for patients ≥12 years; 0–2.2 for patients <12 years).


Enhanced von Willebrand
factor affinity extends time
in circulation1

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science of AFSTYLA

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Reference: 1. Zollner S, Raquet E, Claar P, et al. Non-clinical pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of rVIII-SingleChain, a novel recombinant single-chain factor VIII. Thromb Res. 2014;134(1):125-131.

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