Proven Protection With a Low Median Dose

Adjust regimen based on patient response

The recommended starting regimen is

  • 20–50 IU/kg for patients ≥12 years
  • 30–50 IU/kg for patients <12 years

Patients <12 years may require more frequent or higher doses.

In AFSTYLA clinical trials, median doses were

  • 2x weekly
    • 35 IU/kg for patients of all ages
  • 3x weekly
    • 30 IU/kg for patients ≥12 years
    • 32 IU/kg for patients <12 years
2x weekly
3x weekly
per dose
per 30-day prescription

Note: For healthcare professional use only. Use of this tool is not a substitute for the clinical expertise of a licensed medical professional.

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