For adults and children with hemophilia A

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Protection of AFSTYLA

AFSTYLA, with a twice-weekly dosing option, delivers long-lasting bleed protection using a novel single-chain Factor VIII design

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Twice-weekly dosing can mean fewer infusions each week. Ask your doctor if twice-weekly dosing is right for you.

Twice-weekly dosing helped the Grisalez family

FDA approved for dosing 2 to 3 times a week.

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2 times weekly

ZERO median annualized spontaneous bleeds* were reported in clinical trials for children and adults regardless of dosing schedule.

Cody turns to AFSTYLA for bleed protection

Zero bleeds (median AsBR*) regardless of age or dosing schedule in clinical trials.

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*AsBR=annualized spontaneous bleeding rate.

Zero bleeds (median AsBR*)

The safety of AFSTYLA was shown in 258 previously treated children, adolescents, and adults over 19,545 exposure days.

One of the largest FVIII clinical trial programs

Zero inhibitors in a clinical trial of 258 previously treated patients.

Formation of inhibitors to Factor VIII has been reported following use of AFSTYLA.

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Clinical trials

†Previously untreated patients may be at greater risk for development of inhibitors.

*AsBR=annualized spontaneous bleeding rate.

†Previously untreated patients may be at greater risk for development of inhibitors.

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